This is one family’s experiment to find total health and wellness.  Join us, as we chronicle our experience, one project at a time.  We aren’t medical doctors, just an average family with a desire to live the healthiest life possible.


Joel is a world-class husband with a knack for cooking, always down for an adventure and open to my quirky ideas of experimentation.  Almost two years ago, we were blessed with a little girl…and, just about a year and a half ago, Joel agreed to bite-the-bullet and stay home to care for our little one while I returned to my day job.  He’s funny, extremely hairy and in pursuit of complete health. I am fully supported in all that I do with him by my side. I couldn’t of imagined a better life partner for myself.  –Britni

Britni is the most amazing and self aware woman I have ever met. She is constantly looking for new avenues of self improvement both for herself and our family. She blessed me by allowing me to get to know her and become her personal chef. She is a constant encourager, an avid explorer, yogi and my best friend. She is the one who is always searching for better health options to add to our quality of life. Every day is an adventure with her. I am a lucky guy!    -Joel

2 thoughts on “About

  1. p. adkins says:

    Sounds like a couple other people I know. 😉
    I’m over joyed and grateful to be welcomed into your lives. Also excited to buckle up in a front row seat for this experiment or project or whatever you want to call it.
    I’m praying the best for to you two! This a convoluted and complex world. Yet I’m confident if anybody can find a clean, clear path it’s you.

    Now get to work and teach us something!!! 🐴

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