Camping Gone Wrong and Waiting

Today, after days of planning and investment, we set out to camp as a family. I had taken a day off and we had 2 days worth of everything and more to survive. Before we left, Joel called the chosen campground and it was full. So, we went for a second best, albeit closer campground that had 3 spaces open. We spent the next hour making sure we had everything and meticulously packed the car, loaded our little one up and made the drive to the site. When we pulled up, it was sub par, surrounded by rain water and a drainage ditch, tiny and covered in rocks. But, we had planned, our babe had heard us talk up camping for a week and we were here so, let’s make the best of it, right? Ten minutes in, we start struggling with our new tent. That wasn’t abnormal for the first time with a new tent however, all but one main bar wouldn’t seem to budge. As little lady starts getting restless and Joel is about to cause himself a hernia from trying to get this bar to extend, I hear the rumble of thunder and receive the warning on my devices that weather is approaching. We try a few more options with the tent in its broken state thinking, “we can make the best of this as is” and the thunder gets closer. Suddenly, we realize, if we attempt to use the tent as is, the rain fly isn’t going to fit properly and will let in rain. So, we call it, pack everything back up and decide to head home. Saddened but happy that we didn’t brave the night with a first time camper, we decide upon a dinner spot. 

Dinner seemed to be going well, when our babe reclines back in her chair and she follows it to the ground where the back of her head meets the beam of a booth. My appetite disappears as I inspect her head to be sure she isn’t bleeding. After a few moments of calming her, I ask that our meals be packed up and I search for something to do to rectifying this day. Ice cream! Well, gelato to be exact. We head to the Town Center area and enjoy a cool, sweet treat while taking in the sights and sounds. The day seems to be coming around. We enjoy a walk, some laughs and a little dance before heading home when I say to Joel, “what do you think God is trying to teach us in all this?” You see, Joel and I have attempted to purchase 3 homes, 2 we decided to back out of for repair reasons and 1, we were out bid on. We’ve walked through 2 miscarriages. We’ve also sold the home we’ve lived in since the start of our marriage and are currently living in an apartment. Our life seems to be on hold but full…happy.  

Joel says, “I think, we can plan but God has other plans.” So, we pray in the wait. It was not long after, as we were nearing our apartment that we saw a rainbow positioned over our little “seemingly temporary” home. And, Joel says, “See, God’s telling us, it is ok.” When I just spent the afternoon thinking God was poo-pooing us, I felt it too. Be at peace, Britni. Wait. 

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