Getting Back in the Boat

So, it’s been a while!  Between personal stuff, family events, a move and more, Joel and I fell off the boat.  May was essentially a string a various wheat-treats all in the name of throwing caution to the wind and loosing up a little.  The pizza was great but we are both feeling the few extra pounds.  You know what I mean?!

So, we drew the proverbial line-in-the-sand and decided to get back on the paleo band wagon this week.  I took it a step further and decided to limit my caffeine to enhance my sleep and limit even the healthier, paleo sweet treats.

For us, physical activity is also a must however, it’s been a struggle to find time to get into a gym, into the yoga studio or some park trail or track. So, we tried getting up at 5:30 AM with the baby monitor and running a few high intensity drills outside of our daughter’s bedroom window.  That entire day was a blur as we both struggled to make it through our daily work and home duties. In reading through the sentence above, you will note that lasted one day.  We didn’t think skimping on sleep for physical training was the healthiest move and so, we have instead found 10-20 minutes every other day or so to do abdominal, leg and glute workouts together while dinner is cooking, or there is a little down time before the nightly routine.  I’ve also found 10-45 minutes to walk almost everyday in the week.  That’s right, just walk.  I’m not trying to meet a certain pace or take it up to a run quite yet, I just walk.  It’s kind of become my meditative practice as well.  I don’t sit, as is customary, I walk.  Before I know it, the movement of my feet becomes like breathing…sometimes, as if I could fall asleep while walking, and I have an introspective quiet time where I think about the goose poo I need to dodge or I contemplate some innovative way to do things at work.  It could be deep or meaningless thought, or just nothing at all.  I just meet myself where I am and go with it.

Joel and I would like to encourage you not to be so hard on yourself and fit in what you can, when you can.  Even the best of us need a break from the discipline once in a while, just know when to get back in the boat.


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