When the bathroom became my mat

We are way overdue for a post.  Life has been quite busy for our little family and we have had to restrict our energies to those things that are most important.  Yesterday, I didn’t get a shower until after 5 PM because our little one was ill and I had to keep up with business from home.  I have to admit that once the hubs tagged in, I showered and after, I did a little yoga sequence from my bathroom floor to stave off the crankies.  Cranky mood and cranky body.  A studio practice is nice but when you can’t break away, make a place and do what staves off your crankies.  You know what I’m saying!  Maybe yoga isn’t your thing but something is and even if it is 2 minutes in your bathroom, do your thang!

Well wishes for a happy and healthy weekend, y’all.


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