The Flu, Terrible-Twos and Finding Balance

This past week has been one of those trying weeks.  Our little one was ill with some winter cold/flu which seemed to bring with it the added symptoms of the terrible-twos.  More than one time I shot Joel the look of, “Help, please. Uncharted territory!”  There are times that life brings us snot, tears, tissues, sleepless nights and calls to the doctors, whether you are a parent or not.  Our little family of three has hit a few rough spots on this road of life since the fall of 2016.  Always, but especially when life feels like I am in a blender, I try to keep a balance in the fast moving, chopping machinery of this world.  Besides making sure that I continue to eat quality food, drink lots of water, sleep and spend time with those I love…I practice yoga.


And, today was one of those redeeming days.  After a week of my babe having some extremely fussy moments, I started to see the light with the start of this new week.  We visited the beach, we laughed, enjoyed the sights, sounds and chill in the air.  However, even with the chill, I could sense signs of spring coming.  It wasn’t quite as bitterly cold and the sun was hanging in the sky a little longer.  In the seasons and in life, I feel the tide changing and there is a promise of newness that we are looking forward to this year.  So with this encouragement, I wanted to share a few of my go-to yoga postures.

Down Dog, because sometimes you just need to stay anchored and humble while you stretch.


Eagle, because it requires my focus to be on something that is stable and for me, that is God.  I feel strong and determined here.


And, Standing Bow, because it allows me to lengthen as I feel like I could also simultaneously take flight.  But the truth is, Y’all, sometimes you fall out and that’s ok.  Just find a way to stay balanced and healthy!



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