Making time to pause

In my area this week, we were brought to a halt due a snow storm.  Living in a coastal mid-Atlantic, some would argue Southern, state, we are not accustomed to any sort of ice, sleet or snow.  Northerners, Upper Westerners and Mid-westerners who travel to our area laugh at what shuts down our schools and overtakes our local news spots.  It paralyzes our cities and causes us all to stop.  However, I am not going to lie, I kind of like that we are cautioned to not travel and many offices, stores and schools shut down.  It’s natures little way of making us take life down into low gear.  After the flurry of the holidays, commitments, events, responsibilities, spending, travel…we got a few days of little to no activity.  We were encouraged, or forced, to stay home with our families, to find things to do in the house or within walking distance. After a few days, I was satisfied with returning to work and to life outside of my neighborhood.  I felt refreshed and filled up with love after finding new activities to do and recipes to enjoy with my little crew.

Upon returning to life outside of a 1 mile radius, I saw a magazine cover feature that read, Say Yes to Saying No.  In this social media driven, sales quota, ever-demanding world that we live in, I think we all might be in need of a little slow-mo time.  With the start of the new year, if resolution making is part of your habit, it might serve us well to focus our energy on those things that are really adding value to our life. To take moments to check in and apply a little self-care where needed.  I recently heard someone in a podcast say that self-awareness is a superpower.  Not everyone is in tune with what they need and how their environment is affecting them.  I’d take it one step further and say, take action once you assess.  I am preaching to the choir here!  All that I share is what I am personally working through.  So, pause, tune in to you and take steps to care for yourself.  The last I checked, we only get one shot at this life.


One thought on “Making time to pause

  1. Patty Adkins says:

    Such a wonderful shoulder tap Britni, thank you. You know I heard of a concept years ago that literally changed how I thot. And tho I was not a true stranger to it, it recalled me to listen to that inner voice of self kindness, of contentment, of simply breathing. It’s the voice who beckons you to be observational and fills you with gratitude. It spoke of a way of being that allowed for true encounters to happen and provided for living in the moment(s). Especially those which crop up ‘un-planned-out’ ahead of time. The book was entitled ‘Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives Paperback.’ by Richard Swenson. ‘This book is for anyone who yearns for relief from the pressure of overload.’

    I’m not a snow fan either. At least not enough to move to Minnesota or North Dakota, haha. But the novelty is fun. And yes it does shut down our area in a large way. It does force us to re-prioritize and redefine our lives. But then so does any event, natural or otherwise, for which even tho we know may happen we lack preparedness.
    Great reminder! Gonna go outside and breathe now… hahaha -*ahhhh*

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