Candida Diet: Part Dos…I had a relapse!

Head held in shame.  It is all a learning experience.

So, you all saw it chronicled here.  I fell to grain-free sweet treats over the holidays and one day after Christmas, my itching legs drew me back to removing sugar.  The first two days after, I simply didn’t eat anything with added sugar. I had an orange or two, some potatoes, maybe a splash of dairy in an afternoon coffee.  But the increasing redness of my shins forced me to do more.  On the 28th, I returned to vegetable broth, steamed veggies, some nuts (when I felt like I was going to go nuts), lots of water, a bit of coffee with no dairy and my trusty supplements (see The Dreaded Candida Cleanse). I continued this for just about 36 hours and, finally, broke down in need of a larger meal.  The chosen meal was an almond/coconut flour encrusted chicken breast on a bed of mixed greens with a home-made dressing (mainly, raw apple cider vinegar, olive oil and spices).  That was enough to stop the itching and see a significant improvement in the rashes on my shins and a strange small patch that keeps popping up on my right eyelid.

During the first cleanse, my google search two days in was, “How long should one do the candida cleanse?”.  Let me save you the time, it mainly says until the symptoms are gone and then you start the lovely Candida Diet.  Which allows you a little more leeway, but not much.  What I am finding with most healthy eating advice is that a diet made up of mainly vegetables, healthy proteins, fruits, nuts, seeds, barring things that your body responds to with an allergic reaction, is the best.  This advice is something I hear echoed to those I know staring at diabetes and high blood pressure or loved ones of friends with cancer.  Maybe there is something to eating this way!

As a alternate side note, to those of you seeking the grain-free path. I discovered quite a few of my supplements contained grain in some form (possibly for the capsule). If you are really looking to nit-pick, be sure to read the labels and do some investigating.  I am toying with the idea of looking for gluten-free options to see if that will kick these rashes for good.



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