Can changing what you eat put you in a better mood and make your grandchildren healthier?

There are some fascinating studies out supporting the benefits of eating a nutrient dense diet.  You’ve heard the claims…you sleep better, feel more energized…However, one of the most interesting discussions going on in the medical world is surrounding micro-nutrients in the fight against things like depression, PTSD and ADHA.  Did you know there has been a 3-fold increase worldwide in cases of ADHA?  What’s going on?

Did you know there are no studies showing that the Western diet of processed foods, refined grains, sugary drinks and little-to-no fresh produce is beneficial?  Could we possibly be nutrient deprived and suffering the effects of cheap “food”?  The human body is amazing.  As my husband has said, the body will make finger nails out of Cheetos.  However, the Western diet isn’t optimal for long term survival.  Cheap food isn’t so cheap when you end up paying for it in the way of doctors bills and pharmaceuticals. So, we now face diseases like type 2 Diabetes, hypertension and other inflammatory diseases, thinking these just comes with age.  In between shopping, while making dinner or along your trips to see family this holiday season, take a listen to these talks with medical professionals about the affects of poor nutrition and simultaneously the benefits of nutrient dense food.

TEDx Talk – The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental health

Fat Burning Man – How what your grandmother ate affects you?


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