Luxury Model Cars, Hormones and Chocolate Cravings 

In the past several months, my eyes have been opened to the benefits of looking for guidance outside of the conventional medicine box.  I like my traditional MD/nurse practitioners for things like the flu, stitches, etc. But when it came to my total being, my 10-15 minute appointments never touched on things like sleep, stress, moodiness…my time with the doctor was always about a single issue and the pharmaceutical that could “heal” that issue…here is your prescription and see you next time.

My area doesn’t have many practitioners with a medical degree who utilize functional medicine over conventional but I found one who has been practicing since the 70’s and spent nearly 2 hours talking about what I eat, how I’m sleeping, the stress in my life and more.  I had a chance to identify three areas of concern/opportunity for change and have begun various lab tests to look at things like hormones and function, the health of my gut and all the basics (i.e. cholesterol).  Ladies, have you ever had subtle hair loss, mood shift, tiredness, brain fog after a good nights sleep?  Our hormones shift monthly, during and after pregnancy, and like let’s face it, seemingly continually.  My husband explains it as, we are the luxury model vehicle with the heated seats, moon roof, blue tooth.  We require more maintenance than the base line model because we have a lot going on.  Like even within just a single month, we have an entire system that is working and potentially shifting everything about us.  Add in, outside factors that affect hormone function like stress, a little too much junk food and lack of sleep and you have a firestorm of issues.  So, that dry skin and those chocolate cravings that don’t seem related could actually be connected.

Here I am, on the path to live and feel better. To learn how I can manage and care for this luxury model vehicle that God created for a purpose. Trying to work with this unique model and add things to it that only make it run as best as it can.  I look forward to keeping you all updated on how things are going with the process of examining my total health under the direction of a functional medicine doctor.  Below is a link to a great podcast from the ladies at Better Everyday discussing the benefits of working with a practitioner to examine your total wellness.

Dr. Brooke & Sarah Fragoso discuss functional medicine








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