Sunday breakfast for 2

Today was going to start off as a relaxing day. It was the first day of the time change meaning that we could sleep in an hour extra without getting behind on our daily routine. At 3:30am our little one woke up and was not feeling the best. After losing an epic rock, paper, scissors match to my lovely wife, I elected to stay up and she went back to bed for a few hours. While I was watching our daughter, I decided that I wanted to make a special breakfast…

I am not a trained chef. I make mistakes while cooking quite a bit. I am fortunate to have married a very kind food critic that enjoys when I succeed and smiles when I don’t. Enter in the culinary delight of the day.


This is my newest endeavor, making Eggs Benedict. Now, I know many people will instantly think of the calories and fat content of this meal and probably go right to X located at the top of the screen, click it and think that these two have fallen off the wagon of healthy living. I believed the same exact thing at the beginning of the year. Stay with me for a brief moment while I go down memory lane.

At the beginning of 2016, I weighed anywhere between 205lbs and 210lbs. I had high blood pressure, wore a very snug size 36 pants and wasn’t satisfied with how I looked. I was running about 2-3 days a week at 3 miles each time, trying to eat “healthy” and getting nowhere. We happened to watch a television show that featured diet plans and one of them had a contestant who could barely manage a shuffle run because of numerous car accidents lose over 20lbs in two weeks by eating fatty foods like hamburgers and butter. I was thinking this was the newest fad diet until I gave it a try. My wife and I incorporated eating healthy fats from good sourced food, low carbs and sugar and I got down to the low 180’s and a size 32 pants without being able to exercise. We were involved in a car crash early February that left me unable to do any form of exercising besides doing stretches with my neck and back. Yet, I still lost a good amount of weight and my blood pressure went from being 150s/90’s to yesterday 122/71. It was truly the beginning of a journey into unlearning what I thought I knew about being healthy.

So back to the recipe! For this we did a classic kind of Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce but substituted the english muffin for a mixture of Chimichurri and spinach. We also skipped the bacon mainly because I forgot to cook it. I got up at 3:30 this morning, so I was still pretty tired while cooking!

To make this meal be ready channel your inner chef and be prepared to make mistakes. It’s not impossible to make but it does take patience. For the hollandaise you will need:

-3 Organic, pasture-raised egg yolks separated from the whites

-1 tablespoon of vinegar

-1 stick of pasture-raised butter softened cut into 1 tablespoon slices

-Salt and pepper

-1 tbsp of lemon juice or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice

-A strong stirring arm

First, you will need to make a double boiler. Basically, it’s a glass dish over top of pot of boiling water. I use about 2 inches of water and put it on medium-low heat.fullsizerender-2

Crack 3 egg yolks, yellow center only, into the glass dish while the water is boiling and grab a whisk and get stirring. Add about a tablespoon of vinegar to the mixture. This next part is tough. Stir for what feels like an eternity. The egg mixture will thicken up but it may take a few minutes to almost ten. If you see bubbles, keep stirring. You want it to begin to look like a custard. Once it does, add in a tablespoon of your softened butter and you guessed it, keep stirring. Once it has mixed completely meaning you can’t see the butter anymore, add another bit of butter. Keep going until you are out of butter and you feel like your arm is hurting. Add a bit of salt, pepper and a your lemon juice. Take the hollandaise sauce off the heat and set it on the counter. Stir it occasionally if you are paranoid like me that it may separate and ruin itself. Don’t worry, no one will judge you.

Next, add some spinach either frozen or fresh to a pan to soften. Stir in the Chimichurri mixture. Once it is hot, drain as much water as possible and set it aside. I will put the chimichurri recipe at the bottom of the post.

While you are making the hollandaise, boil a big pot of water for poaching 4 eggs.fullsizerender-3

Make sure it is a rolling boil before you add any of eggs to the water. Once it is boiling, give it a stir with a spoon to make a vortex and turn the heat to low. Drop each egg individually into  water with a small bowl or cup. Set a time for 3 minutes.

Put some parchment paper out to drain the poached eggs. Once the timer is up, use a slotted spoon and scoop each egg out and place it on top of the parchment paper to drain.

Put it all together! Spinach/Chimichurri mixture is your base, poached egg next and finally the hollandaise sauce on top. It took much longer to write this than I expected, maybe in the coming weeks I will put a video up showing the process. It’s not that hard but I did mess up a few times.

I hope this makes works out well for you! It’s a nice treat to have on a lazy morning.




1 bunch of parsley

1 bunch of cilantro

2 cloves of garlic

Olive oil, a few ounces to give nice consistency

Juice from about a quarter of a lemon (and a little lemon zest)

Salt and pepper to taste.

* you can add cayenne for a kick, if you aren’t avoiding night shades

2 thoughts on “Sunday breakfast for 2

  1. p. adkins says:

    Sounds de-lish Joel. And with the family genes inherited you really don’t need training to be a chef. It’s as natural to your lineage as jumping is to frogs. My gift to you son… you make me proud!
    And I could go in so many directions with your unintended humorous wording, like “pasture – raised butter”. I mean, hahaha, how many different ways can you raise butter? Inner city butter? Butter raised at high altitude? Sub-aquatic raised butter? Pretty hilarious, well to me anyways.
    And even tho’ I understand what you mean about avoiding the night shades, all I pictured was getting tangled repeatedly night after night in the window blinds!

    So thus far you’ve shown yourself to be a wonderful son, an amazingly thoughful husband and gifted father, and an adventurous if not natural chef. Now you’re a proven writer and an unintentional subtle comic. All of it makes me smile. We will let you know how our EB turns out. All i can say now is Bon Apetit! Thanks!


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