Why grain-free?!

Joel and I have been eating a paleoish diet for at least 6 months now. He has seen some great results in the area of weight loss, increased energy, decreased joint pain and more. I decided to add in the grain-free piece after listening to quite a few podcasts about the inflammation that can be caused in the body by grain in the diet. When I say grain y’all, no wheat, or wheat like grain (including quinoa), corn, corn starch, rice, farro…the list goes on. That really keeps us from consuming all processed foods labeled gluten-free because most include some sort of other grain, like corn or rice flour. 

So, why would I inflict this kind of restriction on myself…and, Joel, because he always joins me on my adventures…even on the paleo diet, I wasn’t experiencing the focus and energy that I wanted and needed to function as a mom, wife and full-time worker. I had also been dealing with rashes (skin inflammation) on each shin for months, following an allergic reaction to a “beauty” treatment, that wouldn’t heal. Here are the pictures after 10 days on a mostly grain-free diet (we had a few slip ups with baking powder; upon learning that it includes grain we removed it). The results have been amazing! I’ve tried all kinds of creams and treatments in the past few months and just a week and a half into a diet change and I’m finally seeing results. Apologies for the raw look at my ugliness but I had to share. 

Here are a few links to podcasts that outline the differences between gluten sensitivity, allergy and the benefit for some in going grain-free. 

Beyond Wellness – Gluten Sensitivity
Dr. Peter Osborne – No Grain, No Pain

4 thoughts on “Why grain-free?!

    • thewholehealthexperiment says:

      Joel and I were eating mainly sprouted grains and soaked nuts prior to going grain-free but I was still having brain fog and inflammatory responses. In some reading I’ve done, the molecular makeup of gluten still remains even with sprouting. Causing the body to respond to the proteins in gluten the same way because it is still present. From what I understand, sprouting just helps with the digestion of grains.


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