How it all began…

Joel and I embarked on our first health adventure together in the winter of 2012.  That first leg of our journey was called, JUICING!  After gorging on all the yummy foods the holidays had to offer, we decided to go 10 days primarily consuming home-made fruit and vegetable juice only.  We lasted around 8 to 9 days.  We purchased the juicer, we washed and prepped all the fruits and veggies, we lost weight and we felt good, but not our best.  Together, we realized juicing alone, wasn’t a sustainable plan.  How could we meet our optimal weight, feel energized and enhance our health for the future?  It’s the Fall of 2016 and we are still experimenting.  Some things have stuck and we look forward to sharing those tips and tools with you.  Others have flopped, but we are in continual pursuit to live and feel better at 90 than we do now.  Thanks for reading and if this resonates with you, welcome.

There is more to come soon!


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